Maximizing Professional Possibilities
  Maximizing Professional Possibilities  


  Lisa Rothblum & Associates conducts its business with a deep repect for, and in the context of, two fundamental facts:

  • Talent is a key ingredient in any organization's success; and
  • Individuals make their most valuable contributions when they are doing what they do best in an environment that works for them.

With each engagement and undertaking, we get to the heart of a matter, issue or need, by asking the right questions, and not only listening, but hearing, the answer. We do not just save time for our clients and candidates, but add value. We have what it takes to establish rapport, trust, and solutions-driven working relationships -- ethically, confidentially, and with integrity -- with the above axioms always at the forefront of our efforts.

Lisa Rothblum & Associates
partners with COMPANIES and LAW FIRMS to understand their needs, know as much as possible about the organization's values, strengths, key players, mission and strategy, and to understand what sets them apart from the rest, in order to identify and attract the right lateral talent to join their team. We utilize not only our deep database, extensive contacts and connections, and the knowledge we've gained, but our unique ability to assess talent, submit appropriate candidates, and present a profile that highlights the candidate's background, goals and temperament, and approach to the practice of law, to ensure the greatest potential match.

Through collaboration and ongoing communication, we serve as a supportive adjunct to their strong recruiting departments during the full search process.

Lisa Rothblum & Associates creates deep and lasting relationships with JOB SEEKERS and CANDIDATES to review their career aspirations, analyze their strengths and what they need to maximize their professional growth and success, provide in-depth profiles and market information about prospective employers and opportunities, help them refine their resumes, business plans and presentation skills, and serve as a conduit between themselves and their pre-approved target list to to ensure that their search process is as thoughtful, efficient and confidential as possible.

Through on-going personal contact, we provide support, feedback and help in decision-making as they take the next step in their career.

Lisa Rothblum & Associates serves as a sounding board and consultant to ENTREPRENEURS and START-UPS as they define their mission and strategic goals, organize their game plans, prepare business plans and marketing tools, make pitches for business and funding, and conduct business development activities to most successfully identify and attract potential clients and strategic partners.

Through our years of serving as a lawyer, a senior corporate executive and a recruiter, we provide our insight and knowledge about building and implementing the tools needed to turn their vision to reality.



INSIGHT: We proficiently establish solid working relationships as a result of our genuine passion for people and excellent communication skills; understanding of and respect for what makes an organization “tick;” and the ability to quickly pick up on the particular qualities, personality and temperament of our clients and candidates.

EXPERIENCE: We perceptively assess talent and find the right solutions as a result of Lisa's professional experience as a lawyer, corporate executive and seasoned recruiter, fluency in all practice areas, capacity to relate to candidates and be sensitive to their needs and concerns, and ability to readily and accurately sort through, digest and present market information and pertinent facts about trends and opportunities.

SKILLS: We adeptly utilize our research capabilities, insight, and deep contacts and connections to identify talent, analyze resumes and business plans, ask important questions, get to know each candidate’s professional and personal makeup, provide advice on presentation skills and interview preparation, coordinate schedules and provide feedback.



"The road to a long, successful career is the aggregate of carefully chosen stepping stones along the way."


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